Partner Appointment

Where a company has decided to enter a new market, we will undertake the work required to identify and appoint a local Distributor.

Identifying a suitable Distributor is one of the most critical factors. Too often, insufficient investment of time is given to this task. It is critical that the chosen partner is committed to you, your products and your values.

Our work will include:


Partner Identification

To ensure you appoint the best possible Distributor we will undertake the detailed local research necessary to remove uncertainty. This will include evaluating a list of potential Distributors including the following check list:

  • Fully researched
  • Company profiles
  • Financial status
  • Product knowledge
  • Local market awareness
  • Personnel details
  • Business Initiative Partner Appointment


    Once we have provided you with a list of potential Distributors we will, acting on your requirements, enter initial negotiations. At this stage we will:

    • Conduct detailed presentations of your:
      • Company
      • Product
    • Undertake a detailed evaluation of chosen companies
      • Company analysis
      • Departmental review
      • Sales, support and technical knowledge and ability clarification
    • Obtain references on the companies
    • Provide a detailed financial profile

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